Dereck Bruce Lewis

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How do you summarize a life?  Derek Bruce Post was born in Key West Florida and moved to Tucson Arizona as a youth, into an enclave of retired Navy families.  He played in the Tucson Mountains and in the area around what is now Twin Peaks and his stories of the illegal activities there are better not repeated.  What about his family? He is survived by Beth Megerle, his companion for the last 15 years, even though they knew each other for 30.  Beth’s daughter Samantha is heartbroken that she will no longer get to hear about his exploits (from her mother) or his stories (from him).  His sister Deanna and brother Dale are also left behind to share his life story.  Is that the man; what about his work?  After leaving home before graduation, he became a landscaper, did construction and then the internet happened. He became a skilled telecommunications technician – he even worked on the Patriot’s stadium data system upgrade in spite of being a Steelers fan.  What about his beliefs? If you ever talked to Derek, you know he had strong beliefs, but his love of a lively discussion was even greater.  As many know, he enjoyed a good argument, but always with the interest of learning.  What about a man’s interests?  Derek was creating guitars and gas can amplifiers.  What is the measure of the man? I say it is the hole he leaves behind.